Wooden Cutlery: The Amazing Benefits

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 Benefits of Wooden Cutlery

  • Eco-friendly: Well, it is common knowledge that wood makes sustainable products. Wooden cutlery provide environmental, social, economical, and health benefits for the planet and the things in it.
  • Safer: Unlike metals, ceramics, and plastic cutlery, wooden cutlery are safer because they have no sharp edges, and they do not breed organisms.
  • Stylish: It is not everyday you see wooden cutlery on people’s dining tables, so, having one gives you an edge of stylishness over others.
  • Less Guilt: You know that guilt you feel when you dispose your usual cutlery? That’s your conscience talking, and it’s asking you why you’re hurting the planet. With wooden cutlery, you can dispose them easily because they are biodegradable.
  • After Use: If you don’t want to throw your wooden cutlery away, you can always donate them for recycling. You can also use them to make compost for your garden, or use them to create Eco-friendly toys for your children.


    Features of  FirstChoice EcoNaturals Wooden Cutlery

  • Strong, durable, and smooth surfaces.
  • Sharp enough to cut through your food.
  • Comes in a full set; spoons, knives, and Forks.
  • They are made from Birch wood
  • Attractive designs


 Where You can Use Our Wooden Cutlery

  • Get together: They are suitable for your family barbecue, birthday parties, and picnics with friends.
  • Restaurants, cafés, and pastry shops: Let all your customers see the unique features of our wooden cutlery, as you teach them the importance of using environmental friendly products.
  • At home: They are always perfect on your dining table for your day to day meals.
  • Office break room: Banks, hospitals, corporate offices, and all official settings with a break room can do with standby wooden cutlery set.
  • Take out boxes: When you deliver meals to different people, attach our wooden cutlery to the food.
  • Cocktail party, dinners, and other elegant events: It does not always have to be silverware. Surprise your guests with different wooden cutlery sets, and let them know why it is beneficial to the environment.
  • Never forget; every little bit counts when you’re trying to save your planet.


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