Bagasse Plates: Top 5 Benefits Compared to Plastic

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Climate change is upon us and learning how to compost may be just one additional way that everyone can work towards saving planet Earth. Conveniences like plastic plates may seem all but impossible to give up, but new and improved alternatives seem to be popping up everywhere. One example is Bagasse compostable paper plates which are made from sugarcane fiber. This helps you keep your actions aimed at promoting an environmentally sustainable world while also maintaining your lifestyle as you know it. Here’s everything you need to know about compostable plates and how they beat out plastic!


#1: Bagasse is toxin-free

 Bagasse plates are made from sugar cane. They’re not only eco-friendly as a product, but they have an eco-friendly manufacturing process. This means that no toxins are used throughout the process or in the final product. You’ll save yourself and the Earth from coming into contact with harmful toxic compounds that could potentially find their way into your food or drink. The safe option is Bagasse!


#2: Bagasse is convenient

 More convenient than plastic plates? Surprisingly yes! All you have to do is add Bagasse plates to your compost pile. With plastic plates, you have to put them in a garbage bag which increases the amount of waste that you’re forever putting in a landfill.


#3: Bagasse says bye-bye to the landfill

 There’s no landfill in the future with your new compostable plates! If you alone are responsible for dumping thousands (that’s right – 2,072 pounds per person/year) of pounds of trash each year into a landfill, then reducing that waste in any way possible is a huge deal. Don’t have a backyard BBQ, a birthday party or any occasion without them.


#4: Bagasse saves the ocean too

 It’s not just the landfills that we have to worry about. It’s the oceans too! Single-use plastics somehow find their way into our oceans and kill precious aquatic life every single day. Ecosystems and coral reef are dying, and fish are ingesting bits and pieces of plastic. By choosing Bagasse, you’re opting to reduce even the possibility that your trash could end up in the ocean.


#5: Bagasse is energy efficient

 Okay, so maybe the plate itself won’t be conducting electricity, but did you know it takes less energy to produce Bagasse than it does a single-use plastic plate? There’s no end to the possibilities of how these plates are environmentally friendly. Between fewer toxins, composting that eventually turns into soil, less ocean and landfill waste, AND energy efficiency, these plates are a step above the rest.

Final thoughts

 Bagasse plates are a small way that you can make a big difference in your life. While you may not realize how detrimental your single-use plastic plates are to the environment, those items will forever sit in a landfill.

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